Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RIP: The P-I?

This project has completely fizzled as my family has been fixated on the murky view of our future. I've been up a few times, even shared the experience with one of my favorite kids, Apollo, a 3-year-old who can see the Needle from his bedroom.

I will likely get back on board as the ax falls on the newspaper, where my husband has worked for the last two years. I'm not going to get too sappy, but he has spent many years in the print world and is looking to go in a completely different direction -- possibly a teaching degree? -- but change is gut-wrenching, especially when you're not ready for it. Join the club, right?

When people talk to me about the end of the P-I, they invariably ask: What's to become of the Globe? It's really as much a part of the city skyline as the Space Needle, a neon beacon that signals the tireless quest for the truth. I've worked in many newsrooms, but have never seen such a scrappy crew as the P-I team. What will become of all these journalists? I cannot even fathom. 

Here's an open invitation to any and all P-I-ers: Let me treat you to a trip to the top. Maybe the air up there will offer an inspiration. Mike Lewis -- author of "Under the Needle" -- is going to take me up on this invite this week.